April 25, 2005

The Longest Day

Monday, never a good day. Always lots to do, never enough time, lots of start of the week problems etc... This was combined with the need to get all the steelwork marked out as we'd finally had enough dry weather that the foundations weren't under water. Not too bad you say. Well you'd be wrong! Poor planning by managers changing what bits they were doing next meant all the good work done alst week went out the window as we were back to square one! CHEERS BOYS! So to cut a very long story short, I was still at work at 19:45 tonight.

Normally I wouldn't mind this, but its monday and I needed to go shopping, so by the time I got home it was 20:30. Now considering I live 30 minutes from work, you do the math on how long I was in Sainsbury's! and no, I didn't ramraid it! Had to resort to fish and chips for dinner as I was too knackered to cook, maybe I should charge it to expenses! Pay raises are out this week, mine better be good judging by all the effort I've been putting in, especially since someone with a desk not so far from mine got 14% the lucky git!!!

Anyways, beds a calling me, promise I'll post something exciting tomorrow, honest my life isn't all that dull!

Posted by Russ at April 25, 2005 10:37 PM

14%... hmm that number sounds familiar ;-)

Posted by: Ant at May 4, 2005 11:33 PM