April 27, 2005

Managing My Madness!

A better day than the other two this week, but then could things get any worse? Its been a bit of a roller coaster, busy busy busy, but things have been achieved. The phrase of the day has to be "reflect and review" in terms of achieving what we needed. But hey, enough work, what about the play?

Already getting far too excited about going to alton towers. Has been at least 2 years since I last went, so there is Air to revisit, and the new ride that takes you from 0-100mph in just over 2 seconds!!! Apparently that was as fast as they could design it without people blacking out (people being the overweight joe publics that go to AT). Have a funny feeling I'm gonna get there and regress to a 12 year old kid and start running round like a loon, whether this is a good thing or not I'm not quite sure, we'll have to wait and see...

Have discovered a fantastic rose wine that sainsbury's are doing for a very reasonable £3.99 at the moment. Tried it on the recommendation of an old friend, now own half a case, nuff said! For anyone who cares its the Cote du Rhone rose. Light, but full bodied with a reasonable level of fruitiness and not too sweet, I'll let you know about the hangover tomorrow as I "accidentally" drank half a bottle tonight with dinner. Honest, its not my fault, it just slid down a little too easily.

Have set myself the challenge of learning all the info behind the lyrics to "we didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel, purely because I know its all about the second half of the last century and it'll be a novel sequence to learn stuff in. Apparently the song is chronological, but I've found a good website that links each item in the lyrics to a library of information. If nothing else at least I'll learn something! If you fancy joining me on this journey try http://www.teacheroz.com/fire as a start point.

Got my election ballot paper through the post today too, along with about a million leaflets for all the parties at the same time, me thinks the posty is getting some big back-handers that he's not telling people about! Suffice to say, I won't be voting BNP, they appear to have assumed that noone has a brain! All I need to do now is find a witness to sign my vote...

Yet again I've stayed up too late, but like they say, work hard play hard. Its Thursday tomorrow, I shall have to get my boogie board out!

Posted by Russ at April 27, 2005 10:55 PM