April 21, 2006

Can I be in a better mood?

Today has been good. And I mean really good. Good in the kind of, nothing at all went wrong kind of way. Almost too good. I keep waiting for something to go wrong. In fact it has, it just didn't bother me! There was massed traffic on the way home, but all I did was drum on the steering wheel and sing like I was on stage. Then it occured to me... Had the police seen my behaviour, they probably would have pulled me over to ask some "routine questions", such as does this maniac have a license? and if so... HOW?!

This would definately ruined the day. Mainly as with the garden clearing due to take place over the weekend, the back of my car looks like something out of a mafia movie. Contents are as follows:

One 7lb sledge hammer
One 14lb sledge hammer
One large shovel
One large hard bristled brush
One non-descript metal box about the size to contain a pistol and ammunition (my lunch box!)

All I appear to be short of is the bag of concrete! and that was in earlier! Ooops!

So, why has today been good? Sourced and was offered two jobs on the spot, so should my pay raise not be what I want I have some ammo to fight back with and if that fails I have a fall back. My bacon saving operation at work is going so well the client is "extremely happy and relieved" that I'm back. Oh and everyone I work with is now running round like a headless chicken trying to keep up! ACE!

No idea what this weekend has in store, could be good could be bad, but for now, I shall remain happy for as long as possible. :-)

Remember, "Work for the man, do the best you can, and make it to the weekend!"

Posted by Russ at April 21, 2006 06:02 PM