April 25, 2006

Another day of bliss

If I can keep having days like this, I think I've got it made. I must be getting back all that bad karma from all these years. Just wish they'd spread it out a little, have a feeling when this ends it'll be crash and burn style!

Work has been good today. Looks like I've shaved another two days off the program so that'll be 10 days in 6 pulled back. Looking good! If you do the maths that something stupid, well, its over 200% productivity! Madness. Hope the pay raise is related to that, that'd be good ;-) Had a gentleman pester me about the job he offered me and whether I was gonna take it as he's after a CV confirming what I've told him in writing. I said I'd send it to him for review and said that I'd have to give it at least a month in the current job. Which is basically to see what my pay raise is. He he, love playing both sides, just hope the whole lot doesn't go up in smoke!

Got an amusing phone call from someone who accidentally saved a picture of themselves giving head to their boyfriend on the work server! I don't think DOH! even comes close! What can you do hey? And I thought these compromising situations only happened to me! Seems the world can be just a cruel to all of us, watch you step people, it could be you next. If it is, you can rely on me to laugh heartily and then put the flames out with a beer!

Other than that there's little to report. Got report to write so this has to be a quicky. Sorry guys, I know you hang on my every word, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Posted by Russ at April 25, 2006 07:33 PM