June 26, 2003

Suppose its about time!

Well, thought I'd better finally do another post. Holiday has been and gone, as have results and all the other stuff that goes along with the end of term. Heading home soon, joy parents and all! Things to update you all on:

1) results went well, got a 2.2, thank god for viva's
2) holiday kicked! have a couple of missing nights though
3) the sun is good, aren't you glad I brought it back with me?
4) Missing some people at the moment, you know who you all are...
5) Our lounge flooded again! ARSE!

Finally sorted where I'm working this summer, and got directions. Why is it when you want to contact someone they're always "out of the office"! very annoying! Suffice to say its in that lovely place called Bradford, not unlike Radford in more ways than just the spelling! Should be ok though, other than the fact that it means another summer using the public transport system. THis will include the train too, so I'll probably be late most days, DOH!

Trying to run the freezer down here, which is a mission as I have to keep defrosting stuff at the last minute. Have got rid of all the fresh veg though, which is a bonus.

Had a few cans of stella last night. I'd forgotten how much fun that was, just getting wasted on the wife beater. He he! Also polished off the last of the good whiskey as it seemed like a good way to end the year. This was all done whilst cooking supper (sausage and chips) and watching the now highly addictive big brother. Must say that I'm quite hooked on this series, it seems to be getting better as it goes on as it seemed a bit shit early on.

Things to note from this year are:

1) mayonnaise goes with chips really well
2) I NEED a new PC (and a desktop at that)
3) Hangovers get worse as you get older
4) I still hate early mornings!

Well, this is it from me I guess till I return in the Autumn for another thrilling edition in the life of Russ. It is true though, "Its all a bit hit or miss". So Until then kiddies, take care, eat well and above all else, don't let your alcohol tolerance drop ;-)


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