May 12, 2003


Hmm, well, that blog I meant for what I'm guessing was 2 days ago finally got posted. Silly american programs not liking pound signs, which I now know to type £ :-D. This is yet again thanks to Ed the resident genius (well, one of 3). Also a big correction from the last blog, Ant did make it to Ropewalk, though for a slightly reduced duration due to excessive alcohol intake, remember kids, being drunk is NOT cool! (well it is really and we all know it).

So today? Wrote a rather stupid report for my silly Geotechnics lab, 200 words, a true waste of time, I'll be surprised if they even read it! Got an email from Jim, my best mate from home, which is good cos I thought he'd DIED! Decided I'd done enough for the day and sat on my bed to fold some socks. mundane I know, but these things have to be done, they were taking up too much drying space and making it difficult to get into my drawers. Then DISASTER!

As I sat down the bed gave a slight groan, followed by a shreik that we all know only partners screws being dragged against their will through wood, in a direction that can only be described as the worng way! This all culminated with an awesome thud as a leg gave way and sent a corner of the bed crashing down like a 1 ton shell onto the deck of a battleship! To be honest, having had a broken washing machine replaced this week already, most people at this point would have panicked. Not me. I collapsed in what could be called a complete fit of laughter. Ed and Ant at this point became slightly concerned as I rolled down the stairs trying not to piss myself. This is mainly because I have a tendancy to laugh when things go horribly wrong, never invite me to a funeral, I'll probably laugh all the way through.

Once I'd recovered we then set about assessing the problem. The bed was overturned and then disected, mainly using pliers (thank you leatherman) and a screwdriver (thanks Ed). This revealed that this isn't the first time the bed has suffered this fate. It appeared to be mostly stapled together, except for where it had broken. Me thinks someone has been DIY botching! So we ripped the broken slat out and plans were made to raid the skip up the road for wood. These failed miserably, mainly due to the fact that the wood would be wet as it rained last night, and it being cold and dark outside. So... What to do?

The plan is as follows: Sleep with matress on floor tonight; hand in coursework tomorrow morning; go to homebase; buy wood, large hammer and screws; come home; fix bed; revise. In light of this being an exceedingly busy day I have removed the frozen bolagnese sauce from the freezer, I will need the sustinance, mainly because I'm working at the bar tomorrow night too! I think the most worrying thing is that Ant has the same type of bed... Mind you he doesn't spend as much time in it as me so maybe he's safe.

As a footnote, the room does look much more spacious with just the matress on the floor, but the bed frame against the wardrobe isn't very pretty and it certainly doesn't help access to clothing either! Well I leave you now, sleep is needed, tomorrow is going to be a BIG and busy day!

Posted by Russ at May 12, 2003 02:38 AM

"followed by a shreik that we all know only partners screws"

I had to read this about 10 times before I knew what you were talking about ;-)

Posted by: Ed at May 12, 2003 08:30 PM