April 20, 2005

Hell with fluorescent lighting

Today has been a rather odd day to all intents and purposes. The job I'm on at the moment stopped for "a general tidy up". This means everyone on site stopped building things and went on what I can only describe as a giant litter pick! Though the items are a little bit different from your local park, where you're unlikely to find bits of steel reinforcing bar, lumps of concrete and timber etc... This meant I had a day of sorting paperwork and completing all those little tasks that you put off because they're all a bit dull. This lead to the expected boredom associated with tedious jobs and a day that dragged all the way from 8am to 5.30pm. I swear its never felt SOOO long!

I suppose whilst I'm here I should give a general update from the last... er well 22 months, how embarrassing! Graduated twice since then and am now living in Newcastle (well Gateshead, but it sounds cooler) having departed the centre of the universe (being claudestreet). With the life of studenthood behind me the days are filled working for the man to get that all important paycheck at the end of the month, but the life of an engineer is nothing if exciting.

Highlights from the last 22 months include being in and out of various relationships, moving house twice, a sly week away in France skiing, the arrival of my company car and placing a vast number of miles on it and all the other general mayhem that is my life!

The main thing bugging me right now is my property managers. The roof leaked a tiny bit on friday due to all the rain, so duely told them, but as yet noone has been out to fix it, despite me leaving keys at the estate agents! Grrrr! This does not bode well, given that I asked for a backdoor key when I moved in and still dont have one 7 months later! To cap it all off the council are now getting arsey about me leaving my rubbish out in binliners as I can't use the wheely bin as its in the back garden that I cant get to!!!

Strop over, I should credit ed for his awesome skills in helping me get back to posting, both on the technical side and the motivation! BIG UP! I may have to ask him to reopen the comments section though, as otherwise noone will be able to talk back, though this is assuming anyone wants to!

Roll on tomorrow, I have a chance to meet the ICE president at a Q&A session at newcastle uni, knowing my luck I'll probably spill coffee down him!

Posted by Russ at April 20, 2005 08:42 PM

Ah! It would appear, as usual that Ed is one step ahead of me!

Posted by: Russ at April 20, 2005 08:43 PM