April 21, 2005

Back and forth like a yoyo

Today did not start well. It was cold, frosty and I was running 5 minutes late! got in the car, driving down my road and some idiot RETARD pulls out without looking meaning I end up at 45 degrees in a lovely skid despite the ABS! Lovely. They then proceed to get out of the car and start yelling and trying to blame me, despite the fact that they had clearly come out of a side road, complete with give way signs! FOOL! Suffice to say I utilised my right foot and left them standing shouting at thin air.

The day did however improve rapidly. The sun came out and I should have taken a deck chair to work and got a suntan. As it was things to do, but managed to escape on time to head back to Newcastle for my meeting with el presidente. This went surprisingly well, I'm getting quite good at going and talking to complete randoms and managing to network effectively. Got some emails and the presentation and questions were actually rather interesting.

Then had to trek back to Durham, past home! got there and did a bit of setting out in the sun and then called it a night on time for once! UNBELIEVABLE!

On the run back though things all went a bit wrong. There I am thinking that for once I'm gonna make it back in time for the simpsons and over the traffic alert I hear that someone has caused a 5 car pile-up on the A1 which I'm travelling on. DOH! As it turns out though the traffic wasn't too bad and I caught the second half, but not after giggling with mirth. Having had the person this morning abuse me I made a note of his number plate... And who was in the middle of the pile-up? :-) How ironic!

Roll on tomorrow, thats what I say, mainly cos its Friday.

"Work for the man, do the best you can, and make it to the weekend!"

Posted by Russ at April 21, 2005 07:29 PM