April 24, 2005

A VERY large rabbit

So then, an update from the last few days, cos I've been either too drunk/hungover/lazy to write one.

Friday mainly involved a fun day at work, though it seemed to consist of me getting covered in stuff in a comical way! One being the tomatoes from someone elses cooked breakfast that I was carrying for them, though they did buy mine so I cant complain that much. The second being mud as I was trying to clean mud off some concrete foundations so I could mark some lines down. Suffice to say really my fault. I said,

"Turn on the compressor!"

when it should have been,

"Turn on the compressor gently"

As it was it went on fully blast and fired compressed air into the large muddy puddle in front of me. Thankfully it was a sunny day so I dried of quickly, but I had two of the labourers try it later on in the day as I didnt fancy getting the car all mucky (on the inside at least) during the drive home!

Friday night got pissed at a black adn white party, good fun had generally, though I have an extremely colourful wardrobe, so finding something black and white was a little difficult. Plus a felt like a bit of a fool as I looked like my mum had dressed me! and it was 1988 all over again!

Saturday, was to say the least hungover! Watched qualifying (GP for those who care, for me its a religion!) and was generally lazy, but did some paperwork I had to.

Today went and fetched my car from where I left it on friday, which meant a lovely walk in the glorious sunshine. I still cant explain why I was the only one in a T-shirt and everyone else had a jumper on? :-S thought I was meant to be the soft southener? Also watched a thrilling GP. All I can say is Michael and the boys are back! Well done on the 13th to 2nd place, bring on Barcelona! We'll beat Fernando at home! And to quote Mark Blundell "Ferrari have pulled a VERY large rabbit out of the hat, in fact probably the biggest one I've seen in years!" And that was on prime time Sunday afternoon TV, priceless!

Rented the Bourne Supremecy to keep me out of trouble tonight, good film, but I'd recap with the Bourne Identity first if I were you as they are quite well linked. Also had a crazy convo with the woman in the video shop (which is actually fully automated so she's a bit of a 5th wheel). She was just shutting (but its 24hr so I didn't have to go) and started talking to me, despite the fact that I was trying to choose a film. Told me all about her problems for 5 minutes, then left. THEN came back as I'd distracted her so much she'd forgotten her bag! OOPS! Must just be me!

We then had the following conversation:

Her: SO what are you up to tonight?
Me: Er... Watching a DVD
Her: Oh, yeah. Quiet night in then?
Me: Yeah, work tomorrow and all that, plus I'll have to bring it back after, so it'll keep me off the beer!
Her: Good idea, wish my boyfriend was more like that, I'd love a night in with a movie for once.
Me: Er... Yeah it can be nice.
Her: What was I doing?
Me: Getting your bag.
Her: Oh yeah! You're ok though? Know how to get out and choose a DVD and all that?
Me: Yes, fine.
Her: Right, going this time, see ya
Me: Bye!

She goes to leave, thinks and then goes behind counter to finally get bag!

At this point I finally got back to choosing my DVD, something I'd intended on taking me 5 minutes, not the 20 I'd now spent in the store! Was definately one of those weird conversations that are just awkward from start to end, the second half being totally pointless, think she was just embarrassed about leaving her bag.

Anyway, work beckons for another week, but the weekends are looking like fun for the next few weeks, plans are afoot!!! :-D

Posted by Russ at April 24, 2005 11:54 PM