April 04, 2006

At least I have a fall back!

Well, today was not the end, nor was was it the begining. It wasn't even the begining of the end... It was the end of the begining.

Phase 3 is now an engineer free zone, other than on special, unforeseen occasions. Therefore I should have been moved onto a new project at work. However, this is not to be the case. Instead I have been recalled to phase 2, a place where I have been absent for some 6 months. Why you may ask? Simple. It's all gone tits up since I left and they're now running behind. I've therefore been asked to MANAGE the external works and drainage handovers for April and September (extravagant I know). This is all well and good as it means I dont have to settle into a new team yet, but it's all a little confusing , especially since I'm an ENGINEER, not a MANAGER!!! Surely we have MANAGERS for this kind of thing. Yeah, I thought so too!

So, why is it the end of the begining? Well, when I left phase 2 for phase 3 everything was sweet, and I mean sweet. Ahead of schedule and on target. Now its all pear shaped and I have to go sort out the mess, right to the bitter end. It's not however the begining of the end, as nothing in the vital middle section has been done in my absence! Looks like I'll be a busy boy for the next 2 months! On the plus side it does now make me the project engineer on a £35m project, so I've upgraded my office door sign to reflect this. :-) On the plus side, if I can pull it back to where it should be, there's gotta be some big brownie points and a good case for an even bigger pay raise!

Still haven't sorted plastering, need to phone a guy to sort it. I know that if I post it here, people will myther me till it's done publically, so there's some motivation, both for me to do it and people to post.

Have been catching up with some old mates on the phone over the last couple of days. Always good fun to find out the gossip. Also got some good news today when I was mentioning my lonely existence. I was reminded that should I make it to 30 I have a fall back option, who at the moment is in a similar situation. Though knowing her, it won't be for long. Still nice to have a security blanket of some description. Might keep me sane for a little longer.

Other than that, beard progresses well, I'm on budget so far this month and tomorrow I shall organise the weekends fun in Manchester! :-) (Going out there with old mates, may mean the beard will go though). Oh yeah! and I seem to be keeping up with the posting!

To the end of the begining, a strange but tempting situation.

Posted by Russ at April 4, 2006 09:08 PM