April 05, 2006

Exactly as I say

Ah. A nice sunny day again. Gotta say they're definately the best. Though was freezing this morning! Looks like summer may be on the way though, trees have started to blossom on site, despite the barage of deisel fumes. Had an ammusing meeting this morning. Was a little like being in court. Presented a vast amount of evidence to a sub-contractor, who only real course of action was to plead guilty. What made it good was that he ended with,

"Listen, whatever you want, tell the lads tomorrow and they'll do it all at no charge."

Classic. So if I'm feeling mean tomorrow I might be really picky and get them to move everything to the milimeter! HA HA! Hopefully I'll be in a good mood though, as the guys who have to put it right aren't the ones who cocked it up in the first place, so it would be a little harsh.

Plastering is sorted, finally on for Friday night, unless there's some act of god or something in the meantime. Which, from a personal perspective, is totally impossible! Sadly its going to cost money, which was no the original arrangement. Have had words with relevant parties and will see what develops. There may be schemes afoot to reclaim the cost, one way or another...

Everything, well almost, is in place for the weekend in Manchester. All arranged, except a pick-up time for one person and the necessary road trip CD to be burnt. It'll have to be fairly generic though as the two coming in the car are somewhat less than eclectic. All said and done though it'll be a laugh, at least once the screaming over the driving "style" subsides.

Not much else to report really. Other than the fact that some learner driver pulled out on a mini-roundabout when I had right of way. Nearly ploughed into the side of them, they let go of the steering wheel and the instructor had to stop the car. He looked up apologetically, then started shouting at his pupil, who promptly burst into tears. I on the other hand, drove around them and onto my destination and a plasterer I needed to meet.

Till tomorrow, remember, you and I are mortal, but rock and roll will never die! (Unlucky, especially if you only like hip hop and rap and have to share a car with me for 2 hours!)

Posted by Russ at April 5, 2006 08:28 PM