April 11, 2006

And you all thought I'd gone again ;-)

Not really, just trying to catch up from the chaos of the weekend. So whats the story?

Well, no post on Friday, due to a drinking session that started early. Then ended extremely late. Invented a new cocktail which is called, "Lock stock, two barrels and a hand full of fanny". Ingredients are as follows:

2 shots peach snaps
1 shot vodka
1 shot gin
dash of lime
top with lemonade
(Can be shaken or stired)

All in all, its rather nice, considering it was just knocked up on the spot. Then again, I had already had some wine, and therefore it could have been appauling!

This all lead to me leaving for Manchester late, picking up mates along the way. Enroute a car in front threw a piece of steel off a truck up off the road and into my path, when I was doing 95mph! NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE! Though it was amusing to hear the other two in the car scream like they were going to die!

Managed not to get lost, which was good. Then had a pub lunch, fell asleep during the Grand National, waking to discover I'd not won the sweepstake. Gutted. There was then a meal out which aided my hangover recovery greatly (along with copious amounts of Peroni beer) then a few bars and partying in Tiger Tiger. Once I'd convinced the bouncer to let me in! Can someone tell me whats wrong with a smart T-shirt? I wear a collar and tie all week at work, I don't expect to have to at the weekends! And who is some jumped up so and so in a big black coat to tell me whats acceptable, especially when he's perving at 17 year old girls and letting them in, when he should be keeping them OUT! Grrrr! That said it was a night of good dancing and much fun.

Sunday involved a necessary fry-up and a hard drive home in sleet. Then lots of sleep. Then more sleep.

Yesterday was the usual work. As I guessed it's all gone a bit mental and it looks like I'll be saving some bacon all round. The things I do because I'm nice! Should just let them all drown in their own cock-ups really! Nevermind.

Today was a little better, but still knackered, so with little exciting to report, I shall head off for even more, much needed sleep!

Posted by Russ at April 11, 2006 08:50 PM