April 18, 2006

WOW a week!

Some week. Apologies for the lack of posting, its been even busier than I'd forseen! Work took my life over for most of it, haven't been getting home till quite late, and the chores have been piling up. Why is it so hard to go back to previous project and try to get back into the swing of things? I think it's because my brain had moved on. This week has been better (well one day of it!) as I think all the info I had stored has started to surface again. It doesn't help that someone has reorganised the filing system, but at least its alphabetical now, so stuff can be found if you don't know the strange numerical system we had before. Was really confusing till you got your head round it and even then you had to consult the index!

The weekend, all three days of it (Thankyou for bank hols!) degenerated into a 3 day benda! Probably not the most prudent of ideas. Had a superb night out in Harrogate, the company was as usual excellent and we managed to find a restaurant that served a rogan josh I can only describe as firey, in the hell type way! This of course lead to excess drinking to put the flames out, and then for some obscure reason a trip to flares. Mmmm.... 70's. Not a bad idea, until you realise everyone else in the club is old enough to be your mother and father! Ooops. At least I restrained my dancing. Set a new record on the way back too, 63 minutes. Would have been better, but I got stuck behind a learner on the final stretch. DOH! Better luck next time. I will beat that hour mark...

Friday and Saturday were much the same, different clubs, but mainly beer and dancing coupled with chatting to people, both sane and crazy! Saturday night did rather frighten me though. For some reason a fight broke out, leading to one guy getting knocked to the floor and his assailant to then kick him HARD in the head 4 times!!!! Now call me old fashioned, but if someone is on the floor its just bad form to do anything to them. Was one of those horrible moments when you're not sure whether to intervene or not. Fortunately the bouncers were on form and had a decision process somewhat less drawn out than mine. Mind you they are paid for it. Think they may have had a "quiet word" with the bloke somewhere afterwards too! Still very shocking as I've never ever seen people have harsh words in the club, let alone raise fists!

Sunday was a recovery day. From hangovers and all the exertion. Usual curry was had and gas was bought as I'd forgotten to check and had none to get hot water with. Oooops!

Monday consisted of a nice long lie-in, then some prolonged tidying from the effects of the previous week. Mind you, the flat looks sweet now. Just wish I could keep it like this but I'm a messy bugger. Nevermind hey! Give me something to do this weekend, I'm sure.

Promise I'll be better this week, should be, things are more in order!

Posted by Russ at April 18, 2006 07:54 PM