April 28, 2003

Hello Again :)

Hello again all!

Well, as I said this blog would be infrequently updated! So it has...

Over Easter I finally killed my computer, this led to a bit a lot of reformatting as it had an argument with the TV card and stopped working. This problem was solved by the ever brilliant Ed and Ant, who were equally helpful in providing lots of relavent thoughts. Such as: "you really have shafted this laptop!" and "HOW LONG does it take to boot!?" Suffice to say problem over and it runs much quicker now. Oh and the TV card works too.

What else is new? I'm addicted to using Opera to surf the web and really reccommend it. Mouse gestures are genius :-D.

Have done a bit of internet shopping recently, mainly to get my 2003 Michael Schumacher Ferrari cap and the next series of Babylon 5. I've been decidely unimpressed both times. THe cap took 3 weeks to arrive instead of 2, and the release date of the B5 has been put back a month! This wouldn't be an issue, other than the fact that its now gonna arrive during EXAMS!

Also my group project has decided to eat my life, as if I had one anyway! Oh well, can't complain, I have AutoCAD to keep me company on these cold lonesome nights... If only there was a way to stay warm ;-)

So for now at least, may the food be good, and the washing up done! Both of which we're now achieving without the need to abuse each other over the net. Think I was having a bitchy week, so I'll appologise for throwing a bit of a mental!

Take it easy everyone!

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April 11, 2003

Resetting The Cycle

I've now been awake for 29.5 hours. This is in a valiant attempt to reset my sleep cycle. The plan here was to stay awake all last night and all today then go to bed at a normal time. It seems to be working other than the fact that I'm doing no work as I feel too tired.

Last night was fairly weird. Being awake in a house when everyone is asleep is definately a bit freaky! Creaping round trying to be quiet, yet trying to stay awake are rather conflicting ideas. In the end I watched a couple of movies.

Ventured out of the house as far as Beeston today, couple of items to get for the weekend. Failed completely to get a paper though, mainly as I forgot to write it on my list. DOH! Beeston was a bit odd, no students and all, full of scally school kids in uniform, despite the fact that it was 14:30! Why they weren't in school? I've no idea, kids today!

This evenings dinner was sweet and sour chicken with rice, and I might add no washing up has been done this evening! It seems asking for that is a bit much! but so long as its done in time for dinner tomorrow I shall remain happy. It'd be nice to go to the kitchen to cook and not have to ask someone to do washing up so I CAN for once!

But enough of the bitching! I have a funny feeling that the blog isn't gonna get updated for a while, group project among other things are looming! So fare the well till we next meet.

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April 10, 2003

Sleep Cycles

NO! not some crazy form of night transport, but the silly times I go to sleep and wake up at.

Todays plan of getting up early all went a but wrong, mainly due to the house being rather cold, which didn't help my desire to vacate my lovely warm bed. So having woken up at 10am (thanks Ed) I remained in bed till about 3pm when I decided I had to move because I was getting hungry.

Dinner consisted of sausages, mash, carrots and cauliflower with a red wine sauce. THis was lucky for the other people in the house as I'm quite annoyed at the lack of washing up being done. I did ask Ant yesterday to do the 2 days worth that was sat in the kitchen, as I needed to cook the pate. He responded by doing only the things he thought I needed from the pile the size of K2! LAZY! I was tempted to just cook him half a meal, but decided that'd be a bit mean, and he is small so he might die if we don't feed him!

I'm STILL designing this CHUFFIN lovely road. There are now going to be 32 graphs and 8 (well potentially 16) tables plus associated costs. All this for some git at NET (Nottingham Express Transit) to steal my ideas for free. Gits!

On the brighter side of things I am contemplating a new PC, a desktop this time! But its all a bit cost related... Isn't everything?!

Also I completed the beer wall last night. I've also had a lesson on how to post pictures, but I'm not feeling that adventurous tonight! Suffice to say it looks stunning. Not sure what to do with the remaining 20 cans of stella though. Ideas to the comments box please

The weekend looks like being fun. Out for lunch on Saturday which will be a novelty. just hope it gets a bit warmer, my feet are looking a dodgy shade of blue and I'm sick of having to wear jumpers all the time. Bring on the Summer.

Well, back to the arduous task joy of designing this road then.


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April 08, 2003

Twice In A Week!

Well, you are all obviously very lucky people! mainly as I'm managing my second post in a week. Hence the title.

So today...

Well, having not got to bed till 6am, today was always going to be a bit of a write-off. I think the highlight was the trip to sainsbury's and maybe trying to watch the footy. Its always fun to watch Man Utd get thrashed! though not as much when Ed is bitching about wanting to change the channel!

So thats about it from today, though the beer wall approaches completion, a mere 3 more cans and we're there. I like to think of it as decorating the lounge. A kind of wall paper if you will, I'll try sort some photos, though all this high-tech stuff is a bit new, so it could be a bit of a mission.

You'll have to wait and see

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Hello Everybody

Well not that anyone is really gonna read this, but...

Hi to you all, I'll probably end up updating this either weekly (if you're lucky) or at points when I'm wasted!

So don't hold your breath.

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