August 29, 2005

Back from hibernation!

Well, its been a while. I suppose I should start with the usual set of excuses, good weather, work, socialising etc... but I know none of you will ever except them anyway! So whats new?

Been busy work wise, but things are as usual on the move. Almost finished phase 1, which is due for handover soon, just think its actually going to kill all the staff managing it. There's not a huge amount of eningeering left to do on phase 2 so I seem to have landed a more managerial role in the mean time, or at least until phase 3 comes online. Suffice to say I'm honing my man-management skills and turning digger driver control into an artform!

Weekends are taken up by the usual combination of beer drinking, dancing and the odd report for this that and the other. My boss has decided that I should enter a graduate of the year competition, not that I'll win and not that I have time to do the required essay either, but what do I have to lose?

Had a particularly lazy bank hols. Was out with the boys from work on the friday and managed a stupendous hangover on the saturday, all for nowt! Love works expenses :-). Spent all of saturday watching the cricket and eating crisps. Was definately a good pick me up watching the aussies struggle following on. Credit to them for fighting on though, I think had we been in the same position we'd have crumbled in true british style.

Sunday was pretty much more of the same, mixed with a few chores and rediculous stress levels associated with having to watch England attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! In the end though Freddy and Kev reigned supreme, WELL DONE BOYS, more of the same at the oval please, lets really stick it to them!

Today has involved preparations for my trip to london later on this week. Making sure there are enough shirts ironed and packing wash kits etc... All very dull and menial, but these things need doing. And that just about summarises it all really.

It did dawn on me that in 4 weeks I'll have been in this flat for a year. Quite scary really, doesn't seem all that long ago that the claude street posse ruled, monday nights were for drinking and dancing and we could all watch halfbaked with condiments ;-). Gone are the days (sigh). Now its all about friday nights and pool, company cars, bonuses and trying to organise my next holiday! Really must make a trip to Nottingham soon, just for old times sake. Mind you, it'll have to join the list of places due a visit, including Harrogate, Manchester, London to name but a few.

So in rising from my slumber, I'm sure I'll manage a few more posts before returning to my bed for a while. Keep watching!

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