March 30, 2006

Internet Dependancy

Well, looks like things are going good so far this week. No promises about the weekend, wine may get in the way. So whats the news?

Well, phase 2 at work have lost their internet connection whilst they move to new portacabins. This in itself is a crime, to me a broadband connection at home or work is like gas or electricity. How would I bank? email? live?! Now this doesn't effect me as I'm on phase 3, and our connection is still up and running. Sharing a 2MB line with 2 other people is great, especially when they don't know how to use and abuse it! :-) However, now every minion at work, from project manager to general lacky with a laptop have decended on my office for the week to "check emails". What they really mean is escape out of the way, so they don't have to work, and surf the net whilst sitting at my desk!

Now this wouldn't be too bad, I'm a nice kinda guy, I can understand the need for breaks, checking emails etc... I can even abide them using my desk to do it. What I can't stand is them ruining my filing system for over 30 drawings that are currently in use, stealing my power supply so I lose all the work that was open when I left the office to give them some space, but worst of all, ITS ALL THE EMPTY TEA MUGS!!!! This is probably made worse by the fact that I haven't found time for a cuppa today, so slightly miffed anyway, especially when you find out some miscreant has, then left the debris for me to remove! GGRRRRRRR!

That said, the day was made more ammusing by finding out the fork lift driver had cut his pubic hair into the shape of a heart (for valentines day) and it still hasn't grown out! Not sure which is more worrying, the fact that he did it, or that he admitted to it, to a room full of men :-S

Other than that today has been fairly good, mental in the morning, chilled afternoon, then lazy chores at home. This weekend could either be imense fun or extremely dull depending on what develops... I'll let you all know what the crack is when it happens. One way or another, must plaster Paul's wall!

Until tomorrow, remember, if you drink the tea, MOVE THE MUG, or even better wash it up!

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March 29, 2006


Wow! A glorious sunny day. Now I remember why I'm an engineer. Sitting out in the sun eating lunch, laughing at all the poor souls locked up in the dindgy tax office next door. Unlucky! Work ahs been mental, fools with silly questions, despite the answer literally being written on the wall in front of them on a patch of red spray paint. I mean COME ON! how thick can you be? My only other gripe is people leaving mobiles on in meetings. Especially when they answer them whilst you're mid sentence! I have therefore minuted (the joy of writing them, you can add whatever you like after the meeting ;-)) that anyone found answering a call will have the phone dropped in the nearest cup of tea. Lets see how much attention they pay when they read the AOB section. He he!

Other than that, just a quick post as I'm off to play snooker. I know, best night we have in ages and I'm gonna spend it inside. Plus its my week to drive, so no beer either. Ooops, should be cheap though, as Richie owes me a tenner for Sunderland going down, even he's given up on the cause now, so they must be TOTALLY screwed.

Till tomorrow chums!

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March 28, 2006

A big round of applause, and not for me...

Well, its stirkes that dominate the news today, and my day as well. Not that I was on strike, I'm not allowed to do that (member of a professional body and all). A big well done to all the coucil workers who managed to cause total chaos on the roads today, with a little unexpected help. As there was no Metro and fewer buses, the tyne tunnel shut, traffic to and from work has been to say the least a little slow. However, its been stress free knowing that more people are sticking it to the man than since 1926!!!

The traffic alert in the car went truely mental. I think i listened to about 5 minutes of the CD's I had in the car. All very ammusing listening to people give opinions on traffic jams and how bad they might be. Was tempted to phone in and tell them, but alas, company phone was tuned to the car and I don't think the boss would approve. It's also imensely funny watching business men in BMW's & Mercs getting very annoyed and constantly looking at their watches, I don't think the one next to me was helped by my rediculous grin!

It all got even more dramatic this evening for the trip home as some kind sole threatened to jump off tyne bridge, closing another vital artery north. Could they have picked a better time, especially with the swing bridge closed due to a warehouse fire at the weekend! That means if you wanted to go to say... Wallsend from south of the river you had to divert over the western bypass, a trip of some 30 miles!!!! The bypass of course now being loaded with all the traffic that would usually be using the tyne tunnel/tyne bridge/Metro!!! Priceless. Well done all of you.

Work has been its usual self, me solving other peoples problems, but hey, whats new? Overall though not a bad day, at least I managed both of my breaks, if a little late. And I've managed to blog again! Assuming that this doesn't get lost in cyberspace somewhere or something. The only other thing would be the BBC noting that there could be drugs for phobias soon. Well better late than never, Mr Spider (or Mrs) look out! Damn this irrational fear I say.

On arriving home I have been set a task. I must call the law courts and tell them that someone no longer lives here. I've been returning their letters saying "not at this address" for ages, but they don't seem to take note. Now I'm expecting a call from the police, as the guy got a hand delivered letter asking for £150, or to turn up in court on the 4th. Neither of which I think is going to happen! Could be ammusing though, I've never been arrested, mistakenly or not.

Anyways, food and fun call. See y'all tomorrow ;-)

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March 27, 2006

8 Legged Beasty!

DOH! just spent an entire evening chilling out after a hectic Monday at work and what happens before I crawl into bed? Just going to clean my teeth and a big (and I mean BIG) spider is on the wall above the sink. This is bad enough, but coupled with the fact that I didn't notice till I was about 3 inches away from it lead to a reaction that saw me set an unofficial record for the long/high jump at the same time. Suffice to say my chum has now been returned to the outside world via a jug and a trip from a 1st floor window. Hope that gives it the shock it gave me! Mind you, I have to say, this is an improvement on last time when I had to get someone to dispose of it. Spiders today, tomorrow the world. Bed beckons, that's two posts in a day, tired now, must sleep...

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A return to the old ways!

It appears to have been longer than I care to remember, but something in the recent days has jogged me into the fact that I have a blog and that it'd be a damn good idea to update it more often. SO here goes, I'm commiting myself to writing on here at least 3 times a week! I know, I know, you all have your doubts, if any of you still read this, and lets face it there was only about 1.5 of you anyway! So here goes, I've put a big sign over the computer saying BLOG in very large offensive letters as way of motivation. Heaven help us all!

So where are we these days? Still in Gateshead/Newcastle, still working for the same company, but doing more and being paid the same, very Irish! Still it pays the bills (well mostly). Mind you its better than a kick in the teeth and the hours are finally back to something reasonable, so its not that bad.

So where do I atttempt to take you on todays journey? Well as the title says " a return to the old ways!". This is harking back to the student days a bit. Generally money has been being spent at a rate akin to that of a banana republic during a revolution. Mostly on silly stuff (Beer!) and holidays, so going back to studentdom, we're on a budget. The idea of this though, is to manage it without reducing the amount of fun had by all.

This means drinking at home before going out (karnage anyone) and trying to find fun things that dont cost too much. Bowling, snooker, cinema etc... not an easy task! so far though the bill is at £5 for a week, which isn't bad. My bank manager may even begin speaking to me again. Though my spirit cabinet and wine rack may be totally decimated in a month!

So what else can I tell you? Life is as ever ammusing, all I require is someone to share it with as usual. Getting drunk on nights out is a bad idea as it makes it very hard to have sensible conversations with anyone, though budgeting the funds may have a positive effect on this (well here's hoping). Failing that, its either speed dating or an early grave as I'll continue to live like a crazed batchelor and it makes my liver very unhappy on Sunday mornings!

Had a quality holiday in Austria, the usual skiing lark. Managed not to fall at all during the week, the first time EVER! Plus it made me the only non-faller of the trip. Sadly no-one noticed, but I think they were all just jealous really... The snow was suberb, the beer plentiful, the company entertaining. Just a real btich coming back to work, but got over that now.

My only other winge, BLOODY CLOCKS CHANGING! I NEEEEED that hour in bed. Seriously, you spend loads on the worlds comfiest bed and then they steal an hour in it away from you. And why? So the farmers don't have to work in the dark. Have they not heard of this thing called electricity? Could they not just change to "farmer time" and the rest of us go on oblivious, like we do the rest of the time, unless we end up driving behind a tractor/horsebox? I really don't know. But since that's my biggest gripe, life cant be that bad.

So will you all hear from me tomorrow? Who knows? If I ever get hold of ed for long enough and he has enough patience I'll put some photos up. Honestly it's not my fault, I'm just a techno retard!

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