April 27, 2006

Too busy to blog, well almost

Too busy these last couple of days. Got in from work at 2130 yesterday and have been writing report tonight. All went tits up at work, never ask anyone else to do ANYTHING! They will invariable do one of three things.

1) They will either not understand what you've asked for and therefore deliver something sub-standard
2) They will attempt to improve on what you asked for by adding "their input" leading to somthing other than what was desired
3) They will "forget" (read ignore) that you asked them to do something

So in order to do things I must actually do them myself. Great, this would explain why I got my lunch at 1700 today, and why I've been writing this report tonight. Cheers for your help guys!

Got pissed off last night as two people had parked leaving just less than a car length on either side of their cars outside MY flat! This meant two cars were taking up the space of at least 4, if not 5. This meant I had to park down the road and round the corner. Thought about a note, but in the end I've had my sweet revenge tonight, as one of the cars hasn't moved, so I've blocked them in and ensured that the gap past my car is just under a car length. Unlucky, if only they could learn to drive!

Hope tomorrow is better, need to leave early to go to this dinner. Not a social mind, it's a work function, thanks for taking even more of my time, at least drinks are free! Something tells me I may end up embarrassing the company to get my "overtime"... BRING ON THE BANK HOLIDAY!

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April 25, 2006

Another day of bliss

If I can keep having days like this, I think I've got it made. I must be getting back all that bad karma from all these years. Just wish they'd spread it out a little, have a feeling when this ends it'll be crash and burn style!

Work has been good today. Looks like I've shaved another two days off the program so that'll be 10 days in 6 pulled back. Looking good! If you do the maths that something stupid, well, its over 200% productivity! Madness. Hope the pay raise is related to that, that'd be good ;-) Had a gentleman pester me about the job he offered me and whether I was gonna take it as he's after a CV confirming what I've told him in writing. I said I'd send it to him for review and said that I'd have to give it at least a month in the current job. Which is basically to see what my pay raise is. He he, love playing both sides, just hope the whole lot doesn't go up in smoke!

Got an amusing phone call from someone who accidentally saved a picture of themselves giving head to their boyfriend on the work server! I don't think DOH! even comes close! What can you do hey? And I thought these compromising situations only happened to me! Seems the world can be just a cruel to all of us, watch you step people, it could be you next. If it is, you can rely on me to laugh heartily and then put the flames out with a beer!

Other than that there's little to report. Got report to write so this has to be a quicky. Sorry guys, I know you hang on my every word, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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April 24, 2006

On the up and up!

Today has been on a par with last Friday. I'm shocked. Can it really be this easy?

Made it to work on time, sorted phase 3 rapidly, headed up to phase two then cracked the whip for most of the day. It all positively flew by, didn't realise it was going home time till I went to find other people and they'd gone! Ooops. On the plus side I've pulled back 8 days on the program in 5 days. Speaks volumes about the monkeys who've proceeded me or what?! Either way it has not gone unnoticed, especially when the project manager complained about all the noise from the machines. I did offer to stop them, but unsurprisingly he declined.

Was complimented by a couple of people today about how it was nice to see it all moving and coming together. One even said that in no small part thanks to yours truely, I may even have blushed! I did make a point about upcomming pay rises and how I'd like to see a good one come my way. Only time will tell. Think it's my biggest gripe at the moment. Other than that plans are afoot for next weekend and there's little else to report. Other than the fact that I've found the best way to get through the day. It's all about cups of nice, chilled out earl grey. Mmmmm, thinking of that, I may just go have one now. May tomorrow be as sunny, bright and above all effiecient and productive! :-D

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April 23, 2006

The weekend so far...

Well, Friday night had its usual timetable, or at least the one of more recent times. Food, drinking, out dancing. There was the added addition of losing Paul early on in the night, but I found some people to keep me company, I think being in a good mood was definately a bonus here. Any other day and the dummy would have been spat out and the toys thrown out of the pram to boot!

Saturday was a bit of a non-starter. What I thought was a hangover (and I was suprised as I hadn't drunk that much) turned out to be a migraine. This lead to lots of lying down in a darkened room going oww, a lot.

Today has been one of chores. This is to do with the things to do that are free and fun idea. They aren't much fun, but they do need doing. SO, todays tasks were a years worth of filing (yes I know, a YEAR!) which took about two hours, but everything is nicely in place now, so all I have to do is keep on top of it once a month, how old do I sound?! THe other one was the aforementioned garden clearing. This did actually take place, but progress is only about 50%, well, maybe 60%. Most of the crap has been swept up and bagged, only one corner to go, and all the furniture (don't ask) has been broken up and put to one side to take to the tip. And here lies the problem. I have no idea where a tip is in the Newcastle/Gateshead area. The web is not being very helpful either. One for lunch hours during the week I think.

Well, what with the weather being good outside, I feel the need to change my T-shirt and head to the nearest beer garden. Hope next week continues this good, productive trend.

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April 21, 2006

Can I be in a better mood?

Today has been good. And I mean really good. Good in the kind of, nothing at all went wrong kind of way. Almost too good. I keep waiting for something to go wrong. In fact it has, it just didn't bother me! There was massed traffic on the way home, but all I did was drum on the steering wheel and sing like I was on stage. Then it occured to me... Had the police seen my behaviour, they probably would have pulled me over to ask some "routine questions", such as does this maniac have a license? and if so... HOW?!

This would definately ruined the day. Mainly as with the garden clearing due to take place over the weekend, the back of my car looks like something out of a mafia movie. Contents are as follows:

One 7lb sledge hammer
One 14lb sledge hammer
One large shovel
One large hard bristled brush
One non-descript metal box about the size to contain a pistol and ammunition (my lunch box!)

All I appear to be short of is the bag of concrete! and that was in earlier! Ooops!

So, why has today been good? Sourced and was offered two jobs on the spot, so should my pay raise not be what I want I have some ammo to fight back with and if that fails I have a fall back. My bacon saving operation at work is going so well the client is "extremely happy and relieved" that I'm back. Oh and everyone I work with is now running round like a headless chicken trying to keep up! ACE!

No idea what this weekend has in store, could be good could be bad, but for now, I shall remain happy for as long as possible. :-)

Remember, "Work for the man, do the best you can, and make it to the weekend!"

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April 20, 2006

How can a 4 day week be so long?

Thursday has finally dragged itself around. About time too. How can it be that despite being really busy at work it still feels like it should be Friday today, and after a bank holiday :-S Had some ammusing meetings at work today, during both of which I managed to gun down the opposition in what can only be described as a ball of burning wreckage. Something tells me one of them was getting a little frustrated (as he leapt out of his chair!), I don't think me getting up and adjusting a picture on the wall helped at all, but I do love mind games! It put him just enough off balance to lose track of where he was going with his argument (which was rather good), meaning he had to accept my nice logical proposal. Harsh I know, but hey, this is what they pay me for.

Looking forward to the weekend. Think its one off the booze, but there's still lots planned. The back garden has been full of old furniture and crap since I moved in. After two winters its got to the point where its all falling to peices. So with BBQ weather fast approaching its time to clean it all out. All we need to do is locate a tip to take it all to and break it up to fit in the car. Now most people would gently prize it apart, or if they were a bit more adventurous, saw it into bits. Our plan involves a crowbar and a 14lb sledge hammer :-D I'm thoroughly looking forward to it! Do need some big bin liners and stuff too, but hopefully it'll only take a day, well at least thats the plan. Mind you this is coming from the same team that took about 5 months to do a soundproofing wall, so no promises for a BBQ too soon!

Other than that, bread is baking, filing is calling and tomorrow is Friday. Someone please, please, PLEASE give me a good excuse not to go out and have a few beers and dance like a fool?

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April 19, 2006

Suntan time!

A beautiful day in the North-East! Sun is shining, work was tolerable, I'd even say good. My bacon saving exercise is going well and people are begining to appreciate my presence. This is easily noticed, as they start sentences with things such as, "I know you're busy, but if you could just..." and end them with, "because I don't really know how/what..." Very ammusing. Its also good fun to remind the project manager that they're straying from the agenda of the meeting they're supposed to be chairing. He he! Cheeky, but keeps me entertained when everyone talks amongst themselves unless I'm speaking. Oh I can feel my ego growing I know. Then again they did ask if I could stay past my transfer date, so I must be doing something right!

Was well lucky on the way home too. Managed to catch the traffic alert saying that the accident that was on the A1 had been cleared, but clearly the rest of the world missed it, as the road was empty. I love taking racing lines on a 3 lane motorway! It also meant I got home at a reasonable time. To be honest this was also the result of some hard work over the last two days paying off, as it meant I left on time. Got two meetings tomorrow, one about money, the other about progress! The first will be interesting as it could get heated. The second will be mint, as I just get to tell people what to do! Mu Ha HA!

Other than that, tonight I NEED to do filing and other boring stuff. The only other thing on my mind is finding someone to patch the holes in all my work trousers, from catching them on the rebar in the concrete. Any voluteers?

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Suntan time!

A beautiful day in the North-East! Sun is shining, work was tolerable, I'd even say good. My bacon saving exercise is going well and people are begining to appreciate my presence. This is easily noticed, as they start sentences with things such as, "I know you're busy, but if you could just..." and end them with, "because I don't really know how/what..." Very ammusing. Its also good fun to remind the project manager that they're straying from the agenda of the meeting they're supposed to be chairing. He he! Cheeky, but keeps me entertained when everyone talks amongst themselves unless I'm speaking. Oh I can feel my ego growing I know. Then again they did ask if I could stay past my transfer date, so I must be doing something right!

Was well lucky on the way home too. Managed to catch the traffic alert saying that the accident that was on the A1 had been cleared, but clearly the rest of the world missed it, as the road was empty. I love taking racing lines on a 3 lane motorway! It also meant I got home at a reasonable time. To be honest this was also the result of some hard work over the last two days paying off, as it meant I left on time. Got two meetings tomorrow, one about money, the other about progress! The first will be interesting as it could get heated. The second will be mint, as I just get to tell people what to do! Mu Ha HA!

Other than that, tonight I NEED to do filing and other boring stuff. The only other thing on my mind is finding someone to patch the holes in all my work trousers, from catching them on the rebar in the concrete. Any voluteers?

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April 18, 2006

WOW a week!

Some week. Apologies for the lack of posting, its been even busier than I'd forseen! Work took my life over for most of it, haven't been getting home till quite late, and the chores have been piling up. Why is it so hard to go back to previous project and try to get back into the swing of things? I think it's because my brain had moved on. This week has been better (well one day of it!) as I think all the info I had stored has started to surface again. It doesn't help that someone has reorganised the filing system, but at least its alphabetical now, so stuff can be found if you don't know the strange numerical system we had before. Was really confusing till you got your head round it and even then you had to consult the index!

The weekend, all three days of it (Thankyou for bank hols!) degenerated into a 3 day benda! Probably not the most prudent of ideas. Had a superb night out in Harrogate, the company was as usual excellent and we managed to find a restaurant that served a rogan josh I can only describe as firey, in the hell type way! This of course lead to excess drinking to put the flames out, and then for some obscure reason a trip to flares. Mmmm.... 70's. Not a bad idea, until you realise everyone else in the club is old enough to be your mother and father! Ooops. At least I restrained my dancing. Set a new record on the way back too, 63 minutes. Would have been better, but I got stuck behind a learner on the final stretch. DOH! Better luck next time. I will beat that hour mark...

Friday and Saturday were much the same, different clubs, but mainly beer and dancing coupled with chatting to people, both sane and crazy! Saturday night did rather frighten me though. For some reason a fight broke out, leading to one guy getting knocked to the floor and his assailant to then kick him HARD in the head 4 times!!!! Now call me old fashioned, but if someone is on the floor its just bad form to do anything to them. Was one of those horrible moments when you're not sure whether to intervene or not. Fortunately the bouncers were on form and had a decision process somewhat less drawn out than mine. Mind you they are paid for it. Think they may have had a "quiet word" with the bloke somewhere afterwards too! Still very shocking as I've never ever seen people have harsh words in the club, let alone raise fists!

Sunday was a recovery day. From hangovers and all the exertion. Usual curry was had and gas was bought as I'd forgotten to check and had none to get hot water with. Oooops!

Monday consisted of a nice long lie-in, then some prolonged tidying from the effects of the previous week. Mind you, the flat looks sweet now. Just wish I could keep it like this but I'm a messy bugger. Nevermind hey! Give me something to do this weekend, I'm sure.

Promise I'll be better this week, should be, things are more in order!

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April 11, 2006

And you all thought I'd gone again ;-)

Not really, just trying to catch up from the chaos of the weekend. So whats the story?

Well, no post on Friday, due to a drinking session that started early. Then ended extremely late. Invented a new cocktail which is called, "Lock stock, two barrels and a hand full of fanny". Ingredients are as follows:

2 shots peach snaps
1 shot vodka
1 shot gin
dash of lime
top with lemonade
(Can be shaken or stired)

All in all, its rather nice, considering it was just knocked up on the spot. Then again, I had already had some wine, and therefore it could have been appauling!

This all lead to me leaving for Manchester late, picking up mates along the way. Enroute a car in front threw a piece of steel off a truck up off the road and into my path, when I was doing 95mph! NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE! Though it was amusing to hear the other two in the car scream like they were going to die!

Managed not to get lost, which was good. Then had a pub lunch, fell asleep during the Grand National, waking to discover I'd not won the sweepstake. Gutted. There was then a meal out which aided my hangover recovery greatly (along with copious amounts of Peroni beer) then a few bars and partying in Tiger Tiger. Once I'd convinced the bouncer to let me in! Can someone tell me whats wrong with a smart T-shirt? I wear a collar and tie all week at work, I don't expect to have to at the weekends! And who is some jumped up so and so in a big black coat to tell me whats acceptable, especially when he's perving at 17 year old girls and letting them in, when he should be keeping them OUT! Grrrr! That said it was a night of good dancing and much fun.

Sunday involved a necessary fry-up and a hard drive home in sleet. Then lots of sleep. Then more sleep.

Yesterday was the usual work. As I guessed it's all gone a bit mental and it looks like I'll be saving some bacon all round. The things I do because I'm nice! Should just let them all drown in their own cock-ups really! Nevermind.

Today was a little better, but still knackered, so with little exciting to report, I shall head off for even more, much needed sleep!

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April 06, 2006

One more day!

Ah, Friday tomorrow. At last! Let the drudgery of work and sorting other peoples mess be over for a blissful two days of freedom.

Today has been one of finding out just how little other people have been doing. I won't gripe too much, but enough said that it's tantamount to sod all. That noted, it will be imense fun sorting it all out. Have been coordinating meetings and issuing orders all day, which is always amusing, especially when 40 year old men don't even argue, but just agree and get on with it!

Socially there's been a bit of a turn up for the books. Have managed to sort out all the pick up times for Saturdays road trip and the final two members of the gang have got their act together and booked train tickets. It'll be the first time we've all been together since Christmas, so should be a truely epic weekend. This does of course raise all sorts of questions about what to do with the beard. To keep it or not to keep it. Those with internet access (so thats basically everyone reading this, DUH!) check my MSN photo and let me know... (Oh god I can hear the comments now!)

Plastering has been confirmed for 1500 tomorrow. So half days have been taken by the relevant parties and it'll finally be done and out of the way, only some 6 months after the inception of the project! This does however mean that I have to spend the next two hours moving furniture with Paul to facilitate the access for the operatives (we're not allowed to say workmen anymore).

Have been looking into ski holidays for next year, way ahead I know, but if you want the best on a budget it's what you've got to do. Contemplating a trip to Utah, expensive, but do-able for 10 days, which would be superb, just the only others who I know can afford it are all above 40! Not that they're a bad bunch, it's just I like my nightlife to go on past 10pm. The other option is the same place as this year, but with a bigger group. This is the cheaper option and I know a few people who might be interested... Though, if I stick to my budget and forgo a summer holiday, I could do both... Watch this space!

There'll probably be a post tomorrow, but then nothing all weekend. I'm not computer savvy enough to post from elsewhere and I'll wage a safe bet that I'm likely to be either too drunk to, too hungover to, or busy driving anyway. Till tomorrow kids ;-)

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April 05, 2006

Exactly as I say

Ah. A nice sunny day again. Gotta say they're definately the best. Though was freezing this morning! Looks like summer may be on the way though, trees have started to blossom on site, despite the barage of deisel fumes. Had an ammusing meeting this morning. Was a little like being in court. Presented a vast amount of evidence to a sub-contractor, who only real course of action was to plead guilty. What made it good was that he ended with,

"Listen, whatever you want, tell the lads tomorrow and they'll do it all at no charge."

Classic. So if I'm feeling mean tomorrow I might be really picky and get them to move everything to the milimeter! HA HA! Hopefully I'll be in a good mood though, as the guys who have to put it right aren't the ones who cocked it up in the first place, so it would be a little harsh.

Plastering is sorted, finally on for Friday night, unless there's some act of god or something in the meantime. Which, from a personal perspective, is totally impossible! Sadly its going to cost money, which was no the original arrangement. Have had words with relevant parties and will see what develops. There may be schemes afoot to reclaim the cost, one way or another...

Everything, well almost, is in place for the weekend in Manchester. All arranged, except a pick-up time for one person and the necessary road trip CD to be burnt. It'll have to be fairly generic though as the two coming in the car are somewhat less than eclectic. All said and done though it'll be a laugh, at least once the screaming over the driving "style" subsides.

Not much else to report really. Other than the fact that some learner driver pulled out on a mini-roundabout when I had right of way. Nearly ploughed into the side of them, they let go of the steering wheel and the instructor had to stop the car. He looked up apologetically, then started shouting at his pupil, who promptly burst into tears. I on the other hand, drove around them and onto my destination and a plasterer I needed to meet.

Till tomorrow, remember, you and I are mortal, but rock and roll will never die! (Unlucky, especially if you only like hip hop and rap and have to share a car with me for 2 hours!)

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April 04, 2006

At least I have a fall back!

Well, today was not the end, nor was was it the begining. It wasn't even the begining of the end... It was the end of the begining.

Phase 3 is now an engineer free zone, other than on special, unforeseen occasions. Therefore I should have been moved onto a new project at work. However, this is not to be the case. Instead I have been recalled to phase 2, a place where I have been absent for some 6 months. Why you may ask? Simple. It's all gone tits up since I left and they're now running behind. I've therefore been asked to MANAGE the external works and drainage handovers for April and September (extravagant I know). This is all well and good as it means I dont have to settle into a new team yet, but it's all a little confusing , especially since I'm an ENGINEER, not a MANAGER!!! Surely we have MANAGERS for this kind of thing. Yeah, I thought so too!

So, why is it the end of the begining? Well, when I left phase 2 for phase 3 everything was sweet, and I mean sweet. Ahead of schedule and on target. Now its all pear shaped and I have to go sort out the mess, right to the bitter end. It's not however the begining of the end, as nothing in the vital middle section has been done in my absence! Looks like I'll be a busy boy for the next 2 months! On the plus side it does now make me the project engineer on a £35m project, so I've upgraded my office door sign to reflect this. :-) On the plus side, if I can pull it back to where it should be, there's gotta be some big brownie points and a good case for an even bigger pay raise!

Still haven't sorted plastering, need to phone a guy to sort it. I know that if I post it here, people will myther me till it's done publically, so there's some motivation, both for me to do it and people to post.

Have been catching up with some old mates on the phone over the last couple of days. Always good fun to find out the gossip. Also got some good news today when I was mentioning my lonely existence. I was reminded that should I make it to 30 I have a fall back option, who at the moment is in a similar situation. Though knowing her, it won't be for long. Still nice to have a security blanket of some description. Might keep me sane for a little longer.

Other than that, beard progresses well, I'm on budget so far this month and tomorrow I shall organise the weekends fun in Manchester! :-) (Going out there with old mates, may mean the beard will go though). Oh yeah! and I seem to be keeping up with the posting!

To the end of the begining, a strange but tempting situation.

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April 03, 2006

"Tell me why. I don't like Mondays. I wanna shoot the whole day down."

Well, not quite the case, but why is it so hard to get things done? I don't have a problem with going back to work, but the rest of the world does. Overall though, it's been a relatively quiet day. The only adventures being calling the taxi firm from the weekend and trying to sort the car out.

The taxi firm were less than responsive. Failed to get to speak to the managing director, despite some fairly persistent asking. Got palmed off with the manager on at the time. They were very apologetic, and promised to look into the matter on their computer GPS system. Yeah, like that'll ever happen! Either way, I get the feeling the next taxi we book will either be on the doorstep in about 5 seconds, or never, depending how they took my rant at 1000!

Trying to sort the car out was a bit of an adventure. The bodywork shop is up in Brunswick, north-east of Newcastle. So I got directions off a bloke on the other end of the phone, which at the time did seem a little long winded. However, with the benfit of hindsight, I suggest they promote that man! The place is in a tiny little backwater industrial estate, on the outskirts of a small collection fo houses that may qualify as a hamlet at best. If this wasn't bad enough, its also hidden behind a ready mix concrete batching plant. So its totally hidden from the road! Either way made it without crashing the car, despite trying to read directions, drive quickly (as I was late) and all this through torrential rain & hail storms.

At the end of the journey I was greeted by the kind of service you normally only dream of. Straight in, seen and told to wait, offered and then GIVEN cup of tea. Had just enough time to drink it then car reviewed and all relevant contact details for the next stage taken, checked and then double checked! Why are there not more places like this!?

Other than that, it looks like a quiet evening of lazyness. Lets call it extended weekend recovery tactics ;-) Plus I'll be needed to charge up the batteries this week for the long drive to Manchester and back, as well as all the associated partying!

Chin up everyone, tomorrows "Cheeky Tuesday" and in my case that may mean a trip bowling and a sly pint or two, can't wait!

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April 02, 2006

Drink, Deansy Boys & Dehydration!

Well, yet again I have proved just how retarded I can be!!! Note to self, do NOT get totally hammered two nights in a row. So... where to begin with this one?

It all started by polishing off the remenants of the chilli from Friday, along with the necessary lager to quench the flames. The fact that this is enough to fill an olympic sized swimming pool may be where it all started to go wrong. Especially when we decided we were still hungry and went back for seconds. In the usual attempt to keep the costs below that which small African nations spend on AK47s this was followed by more drinking at home. Strangley accompanied by both of us saying we didn't want to get that drunk. :-S

Irish coffees peped us up a little, followed by a change of venue to Paul's and some up beat music. Taxi was booked, for 5 minutes tiem, and we waited with baited breath. It was now 1045. at 1100 taxi was chased up. Then at 1115, and 1130. Finally at 1140 it arrived. Long chat with Deansy boy driver established that he'd not been busy or had any radio bookings for an hour! So what ahd happened to our taxi???

Now let me tell you arriving at a club an hour and fifteen minutes before its due to close is not a good idea. It mean we had to drink some sambuca to console ourselves. So I ordered 4, 2 each. MISTAKE! This was exacerbated by Paul also doing the same and getting some whiskey cokes to wash it all down with. This put us on the £25 budget, but seriously this wasn't an issue. Anymore alcohol and my system would have been so saturated the would have been a major risk of spontaneous combustion had I gone near a spark, and there were a lot of cigarettes being waved dangerously on the dance floor by other people!

Usual mixture of crazed dancing, giggling and pissed conversations ensued. All fine and dandy. Then it was home time... And that meant another taxi!

Taxi was booked and due in 20 mins. After 35 it was chased, then again after 45. Eventually taxi arrived after stroppy conversation with girl on dispatch. Who I might add I think was the same one from earlier. Had a proper rant at the taxi driver about the service, which was also shite on Friday night and queried what was going on. He suggested we phone the manager, but the earlier driver had given us the name of the managing director. One guess who's getting a call from me on Monday ;-) Ruin my nights out at the weekend, I think not. He he!

Overall though, a canny night out. topped off by food and more whiskey at the end. I only know this because there are dirty plates everywhere and a half glass of whiskey. Not the kind of things you wanna deal with when you're hung over. But this is the price we pay.

Today has been one of disappointment. Schumacher crashed out in the GP, parental phoned at 1000 (when I should have been sleeping) and insisted on chatting for an hour about his trip to Africa. I on the other hand tried not to still sound pissed, I dont think I did very well. Tonight, I forsee lazy TV, (Undergrads probably) and I quite fancy a curry, but I'll have to talk my stomach into it. Every time I mention food it growls at me. Between you and me I dont think it like alcohol all that much.

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April 01, 2006

Worst Idea EVER!

For some unknown reason we're off out again after one too many in the house. Look out Newcastle, we're coming at you! I fear tomorrow. I already know the hangover will be horrendous and I have so much to do. Oh well, will be living for the moment! Calling any decent looking ladies who are bored sitting in to come join us at Krash. I'll be the drunk one dancing like he's having a fit, as usual.

Till tomorrow kids, when no doubt I'll have some crazed story!

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Yep it happened

Yeah, I know I missed a day. To be honest though, its probably the better thing than my drunken ramblings and spelling mistakes.

Last night involved some obscenely hot nachos with what can only be described as atomic chillis on them, Followed by a chilli, containing more of the same chillis. Oooops. Suffice to say this was then topped up with 3/4 of a bottle of wine, 2 cans of lager, a double (I think) vodka and redbull and 4 whiskey cokes. All of the above were than taken for a whirl on the dance floor till about 2.30 when a long walk home ensued as the taxi I ordered failed to turn up and the firm appeared to have "lost" the booking when I rang to find out where it was!

I took some solace by cooking food when I got back, and even remembered to turn the deep fat fryer off before I went to bed, so the house is still here this morning. Failed to take the car in to have it looked at, but then thats probably a good thing as I dont think I was in a fit state to drive earlier. Lets face it I couldn't bring myself to type!

Plans for tonight are supposed to be a centurion. I'm a little dubious right now, but I'm sure in 3 hours it'll seem like a REALLY good idea. For those who aren't as enlightened as me this involves 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Having done one before the result is a fairly good level of inebriation. Its not that mad, 2.5 litres of beer in an hour which is less than 5 pints. Its something to do with the constant drinking that gets you battered.

Other than that, all looks well for finally plastering the wall tomorrow, so best not get too pissed or the finish will be crap! Oh, and I'm disappointed that Schumacher failed to get to the last round of qualifying. Hopefully he can make it up in the race tomorrow, fingers crossed anyway. Debating whether to watch the race live when we get in from tonight as it starts at 4am... Hmmm, will have to see what kind of state I'm in!

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